To Put It Simply… we get involved in all phases of business and product development from the initial concept to a product that is in stable high volume manufacturing.

Our Approach!

Black Labs is different from most consulting/design firms in that we like to get involved very early in the idea formation process and work on business development at the same time the idea is being developed. Our experience indicates that the probability of success is maximized if a clear model of the business is developed at the same time as the product idea.
A second difference is that we can work with you to develop a complete business plan which covers all phases of product development to exit strategy. Because the great majority of exits are by acquisition, we work with you very early on to identify potential acquirers and to determine exactly what stage the product and company must be in to be attractive to those acquirers.
A third difference is that Black Labs will take a percentage of its compensation (up to 100%) in the form of equity. By being equity partners in the venture, we all have the same agenda and are never tempted to work on projects that we don’t think can be successful just to earn consulting dollars.