Black Labs has over 40 years involvement in all phases of business. We have started several businesses, raised money from different sources (friends and family, crowd funding, joint ventures and big venture capitalists), grown the businesses and in 4 cases sold the business to a larger entity (including one company to Apple Computer).


Black Labs has deep experience in the following engineering areas
Internet of Things/Wireless Data

Black Labs was one of the earliest developers of data over cellular. We have implemented wireless systems using cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth including Low Energy Bluetooth, and several proprietary wireless systems.


BLT has been involved with a wide range of sensors that measure the position (GPS, accelerometer and magnetic compass) temperature, pressure, light level, sound and heart-rate in both medical and non-medical applications.

Battery Technology/Portable Devices

Black Labs has experience with rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery systems from the smallest coin cells to large vehicle battery packs.

The Compass Portable Disposable Pressure Monitor developed by Black Labs is powered by a single tiny coin cell and has a battery life of over 500 hours of operation.


Black Labs has experience with a large variety of processors including very low cost 8 and 16 bit processors to mid-range and high end 32 bit ARM Processors.

The TwitchView developed by Black Labs uses a mid-range 32-bit ARM processor that costs less than $2 in volume

LCD/Touch Screens

Black Labs has extensive experience with embedded Graphic User Interface design and touchscreen technology. This combination allows a Graphic User Interface to be quickly prototyped and continuously modified and improved during the design cycle.

Medical Device FDA Submissions

Black Labs is very familiar with FDA requirements for medical devices.

Black Labs has taken three different devices from concept to FDA approval and is very familiar with what is required for a successful FDA submission in the form of product design, testing and documentation.

Real-time Mapping and Web-Based Data Visualization

Black Labs has extensive experience in real-time data visualization using Google Earth.

The Nexgen Casualty Assessment Training System developed by Black Labs could display real-time updates of position as well as posture, ammunition status, and biometric data for up to 100 players in real-time.

Android Development-

Black Labs developed a waveform display application for the Low Energy Bluetooth Compass device.